Vittorio Serevare
St. Aegis XXXII
Shield of the Founder
Anime Louise of the Holy Land
Voice Actors
Japanese Shinnosuke Tachibana
Personal Information
Gender Male
Hair Gold
Eyes Grey
Powers and Abilities
Magical Element Void
Familiar Spirit Julio Chesaré
Significant Other(s)

Vittorio Serevare (ヴィットーリオ・セレヴァレ, Vuittōrio Serevāre) is the current Pope of Romalia who holds the titles St. Aegis XXXII and Shield of the Founder.


Vittorio is a Void mage whose familiar spirit is Julio Chesaré. He possesses the Mirror of Brimir until it was stolen by the Gensō Siblings.


Julio Chesaré · Vittorio Serevare

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