Tiffania Westwood
Tiffania Profile
ティファニア ウエストウッド
Tifania Uesutouddo
Anime The Farewell Wedding Ceremony
Voice Actors
Japanese Mamiko Noto
Personal Information
Gender Female Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Professional Information
Occupation Student
Powers and Abilities
Magical Element Void
Familiar Spirit Saito Hiraga
Significant Other(s)
Tiffania Westwood (ティファニア・ウエストウッド, Tifania Uesutouddo) is a well-endowed half-elf who Saito remembered as "the big-breasted fairy who saved his life" when he was about to be killed by Albion's massive forces in the last episode of the second season.


Tiffania has feelings for Saito. After her royal heritage is recognized by Henrietta, Tiffania moved to the Tristain Academy of Magic, where she was ostracized at first due to her elven origin, but was later accepted with Saito's help. There is not much information about her magical abilities, but she is implied (and later proven) to be a void user like Louise. She is also a cousin of Henrietta, which gives her royal status. She seems to have knowledge of the four Void users and familiar spirits.


  • Tiffania asks Colbert to teach her how to summon a familiar spirit
  • Tiffania tries to summon her familiar spirit
  • Tiffania's full body
  • Tiffania in a bikini
  • Tiffania's breasts can't be contained
  • Tiffania dancing


  • She had once accessed Joseph's music box when it was in Albion, where she learned a spell that allowed her to wipe memories.
  • Her beauty and kindness are a source of admiration for many of her classmates at the Tristain Academy of Magic, and just like all other women who get close to Saito, she is a constant source of jealousy for Louise.
  • Size: Bust: 105cm* - Waist: 59cm* - Hips: 89cm* - Height: 160cm* - Weight: 45kg* - Age: 16*

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