Siesta 8
Anime The Familiar of Zero Episode 2
Voice Actors
Japanese Yuri Horie
English Xanthe Huynh
Personal Information
Gender Female Female
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Professional Information
Saito Hiraga
Powers and Abilities
Significant Other(s)
Siesta is a maid who works at the academy. She has a crush on Saito, and treats him very kindly. Although bearing witness to a possible relationship between Saito and Louise (and its accompanying sharp ups and downs), Siesta believes that she can provide Saito with a more gentle and caring relationship and love. Although timid, her love for Saito draws her to take increasingly confident (due to her large bust) actions to win Saito's love, including reticent lying following an unveiled and rather pathetic seduction attempt, and donning various costumes to attempt to win Saito's affection. Siesta is actually descended from a World War II Japanese pilot who was stranded in Tristain after flying into a solar eclipse along with another airplane which managed to return to Earth.


Siesta works as a maid at the academy. The eldest of eight children, her hometown is Tarbes. She loves Saito and treats him kindly. She seems to know how poorly Saito is being treated by Louise, and is sure that she would make Saito much happier than Louise does. It is revealed during the latter part of the first season of the anime that Siesta is a descendant of a Japanese Naval Ensign and pilot of a Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter from World War II, which explains why she has hair and eyes like Saito's.

In the second season of the anime, she confesses her love to Saito and kisses him. In the third season of the anime, after Saito gains the title of knight, she is made his servant. Sometimes she intentionally allows Saito to be mistreated, so she can take care of him afterwards.



  • Her name "Siesta" means "Nap" or "Rest" in Spanish.

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