Osmond 3
Anime Louise the Zero
Voice Actors
Japanese Takeshi Aono (Seasons 1-3)
Bin Shimada (Season 4)
Personal Information
Gender Male Male
Hair White
Eyes Purple
Affiliation(s) Tristain Academy of Magic (Headmaster)
Powers and Abilities
Magical Level Square
Familiar Spirit Motsognir
Significant Other(s)

Osmond (オズモンド, Ozumondo) is the lecherous headmaster of the Tristain Academy of Magic who enjoys smoking. He has a familiar spirit who is a mouse named Motsognir. Due to his old age, his secretary calls him "Old Osmond."


The elderly, white haired headmaster of the Tristain Academy of Magic, Osmond, is known for his lecherous behavior but is shown to have a serious side. He enjoys smoking and using his mouse familiar to find out what kind of underwear Miss Longuevuille is wearing. He is also a very smart and powerful mage. Henrietta finds him trustworthy. In the first season, it is told that his life was saved 30 years ago by an American soldier from the Vietnam War.