Montmorency Margarita la Fère de Montmorency

Montmorency 5

Montmorency Margarita la Fère de Montmorency
モンモランシー マルガリタ ラ フェール ド モンモランシー
(Monmoranshī Marugarita ra Fēru do Monmoranshī)

Montmorency the Perfume
(Kōsui o Monmoranshī)

Manga Zero no Tsukaima Chapter 1
Anime The Familiar of Zero Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Mikako Takahashi
Korean Sin Jeong Han
Personal Information
Age 16
Height 166 cm (5'5")
Measurements 80-58-79
Gender Female Female
Classifications Mage
Tristain Academy of Magic
Powers and Abilities
Magical Element Water
Magical Level Line
Familiar Spirit Robin
Significant Others
Guiche de Gramont (boyfriend)
Spirit of Water

Montmorency Margarita la Fère de Montmorency (モンモランシー・マルガリタ・ラ・フェール・ド・モンモランシー, Monmoranshī Marugarita ra Fēru do Monmoranshī) is one of the supporting characters of the series, The Familiar of Zero.


Montmorency is one of Louise's classmates. She has a water affinity and her familiar spirit is a frog named Robin. She has feelings for Guiche de Gramont, her boyfriend, though she acts indifferently when she is expected to act romantically. She can create miscellaneous potions, which includes a prohibited love potion.

The Spirit of Water

Montmorency had made a contract with the Spirit of Water. In the anime, Montmorency is shown to ask the Spirit of Water if she remembered Montmorency.


Montmorency is a young lady with blond, curly long hair and blue eyes. There is a large, red ribbon tied around her hair. Like other students, she has the same format of clothing, though she has some alterations. Instead of white socks, she wears a stocking-like socks reminiscent to those of Louise and wears black school shoes.


Montmorency, like most Tristain aristocrats, has a great deal of pride. Like many people, she seemed to value her own name, like when Saito Hiraga called her "Montmo" as seen in the anime.



  • (To Guiche, with Katie) "...Liar!!"
  • (To Mrs Chevreuse, in front of the class) "Yes, Sensei. Two is Line, Three is Triangle and Four is Square."
  • "Guys are idiots."

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