The monarchy of Tristain is ruled by the Tristain Dynasty. The kingdom is ruled by either a king or a queen or both. The series started with Henry III as ruler of Tristain and ended with Henrietta, with Louise Françoise as the Crown Princess. Since Louise Françoise became the next to the throne immediately after Henrietta ends her reign, it is presumed that there is no heir or heiress next to Henrietta before Louise Françoise became the adopted sister of Henrietta.

Tristain DynastyEdit

Portrait Name Claim Marriages Issues
NoPortrait Henry III Descendent of Brimir Unknown Unknown
Philippe III Philippe III Descendant of Brimir Unknown Marianne
Young Marianne Marianne Daughter of Philipe III Henry Henrietta
NoPortrait Henry Husband of Marianne Marianne
Henrietta Henrietta Daughter of Henry and Marianne Unmarried
Louise Louise Françoise Descendent of Brimir;
Adopted by Henrietta;
Crown Princess of Tristain
Saito Hiraga