Mrs. Longuevuille 3

Miss Longuevuille

Miss Longuevuille (さんのローングビル?) is the principal's secretary, who is often the target of Osmond's lecherous behavior. She gets mad whenever he tries anything, for example, as seen in Episode 1, getting Osmond's familiar to peek up her skirt. Her magical affinity is earth.


Longuevuille is Osmond's attractive bespectacled secretary. When she is the target of his lechery, she becomes angry and violent. She works with Wardes in the first season. From a family of nobles who lost their rank, she is able to use magic. She is also revealed to be Fouquet, the thief who broke into the school (though nobody knew it at the time). She is later defeated by the combined efforts of Guiche, Tabitha, and Kirche, but she escapes the battle and becomes a member of Reconquista.



  • She is also known as Matilda of Sachsen-Gotha.

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