Louise the Void
Ep 13
Kyomu no Ruizu
Episode Information
Episode Number: 13
Season: 1
Air Date: September 25, 2006
Episode Chronology
Previous: Zero Treasure
Next: Her Majesty, the Queen's Zero
Louise the Void (虚無のルイズ, Kyomu no Ruizu) is the thirteenth and final episode of the anime series The Familiar of Zero.


Saito lets Louise know that he will be departing in three days, at the upcoming solar eclipse, in order to return home to Japan, but when she hears this she brushes it off as if she doesn't care, which angers Saito. He waits for Louise to return from her meeting, where the war between Albion and Tristain is declared inevitable. Princess Henrietta assembles a military force that conscripts the boys from the academy. Louise walks into a sleeping Saito whereupon she says goodbye. The next morning, Saito wakes to find a letter in which Louise has written, "You're fired! Just go wherever you want!" Louise decides to join the princess in war. The next day, Saito gets on his Zero fighter plane while Princess Henrietta advances with the Tristain military to intercept the invading Albion force. But instead of flying straight to the eclipse, Saito helps shoot down Albion's dragon squadrons, who are unable to keep up with the plane's speed. Saito runs out of ammo and is attacked by Wardes on a wind dragon. Tabitha, Kirche, and Louise help Saito. Louise jumps from Sylphid to Saito's plane, guided by Tabitha's magic. Swept by her feeling towards Saito being harmed, Louise and Saito finally made a connection. Louise unlocks her Void magic for the first time and casts a powerful spell known as 'Explosion' which destroys the entirety of Albion's aerial attack force including Wardes. Fouquet escaped and doesn't come back. After the battle, with the solar eclipse past and the Zero Fighter nearly destroyed, Saito and Louise sit by the plane's wreckage where they have an argument once again about Saito's firing. They end up kissing, and renew the contract between them according to Louise. Cromwell tries to hypnotize Kirche and Tabitha with the Ring of Andavari, but Guiche saves the girls with a lucky hit. Later, they are all given medals by the princess, and Tabitha gets the ring back from Cromwell who stole it from the Water Spirit. Louise was so excited to show Saito her medal only to find him with Siesta chatting. Louise punishes Saito, using her newly fashioned explosion spell.


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Magic ItemsEdit




  • This is the season 1 finale.
  • Louise uses void magic for the first time.





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