Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière

Louise Profile A

Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière
ルイーズ フランソワーズ ル ブラン ド ラ ヴァリエール
(Ruīzu Furansowāzu ru Buran do ra Variēru)

Louise Françoise le Blanc de Hiraga de Ornielle
ルイーズ フランソワーズ ル ブラン ド 平賀 デ オルーニユェル
(Ruīzu Furansowāzu ru Buran do Hiraga do Oruniērū)
Louise the Zero
ゼロ の ルイーズ
(Zero no Ruīzu)

Louise the Void
(Ruīzu Mukō)

Crown Princess of Tristain
Manga Zero no Tsukaima Chapter 1
Anime The Familiar of Zero Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Rie Kugimiya
English Cristina Valenzuela
Korean Mun Seon Hui
Personal Information
Birthdate August 6
Zodiac Sign Leo
Age 16
Height 153 cm-156 cm (5'0" ft-5'1" ft)
162 cm (5'3" ft) (while wearing heels)
Measurements 76-53-75
Gender Female Female
Classifications Mage
Plebeian (temporarily)
Favorite Food Cookberry Pie
Dislikes Frogs
Kirche von Anhalt Zerbst (formerly)
Tristain Academy of Magic
Powers and Abilities
Magical Element Void
Magical Level Dot
Familiar Spirit Saito Hiraga
Special Skill Horseback Riding
Hobby Knitting
World Door
The Founder's Prayer Book
Ruby of Water
Duke of La Vallière (father)
Karin de la Vallière (mother)
Eléonore de la Vallière (sister)
Cattleya de la Fontaine (sister)
Saito Hiraga (husband)
Henrietta de Tristain (adoptive sister)
Significant Other
Jean-Jacques Wardes (former fiancé)

Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière (ルイズ・フランソワー・ル・ブラン・ド・ラ・ヴァリエール, Ruizu Furansowā ru Buran do ra Variēru) is one of the two title characters and the female protagonist of the series, The Familiar of Zero. She is a sophomore Void aristocrat and the wife of her familiar spirit, Saito Hiraga. She was famously but negatively known as "Louise the Zero" throughout Tristain Academy of Magic because of her consistency in casting failures while performing magic. After marrying Saito, she is later known as Louise Françoise le Blanc de Hiraga de Ornielle (ルイーズ·フランソワーズ·ル·ブラン·ド·平賀·デ·オルーニユェル, Ruizu Furansowāzu ru Buran do Hiraga do Oruniērū).

Character History

Louise 8

Louise as a child

Louise is the third and youngest daughter of the three children of the Duke of La Vallière and Karin de la Vallière. She always argues with her eldest sister, Eléonore, but is very attached to her older sister, Cattleya. She was adopted by her childhood friend, Princess, and later Queen of Tristain, Henrietta de Tristain.

At the Tristain Academy of Magic, Louise is a sophomore and the rival of Kirche von Anhalt Zerbst as their families are rivals as well. She is very popular amongst the students, plebeians, and even the staff but in a negative way. For instance, if an explosion occurs, they conclude that it is caused by Louise, but is usually true. Louise's familiar spirit is Saito Hiraga who is a Gandálfr.

Louise temporarily stays in a dormitory at the Academy during weekdays. However, she returns to the La Vallière mansion probably during weekends. When Saito became her familiar spirit, he lives with her. He sleeps at the floor at the start of the series, but eventually slept with Louise on her bed until they were married, wherein it was presumed that they reside at Saito's home in Japan.

At the season finale of the fourth season, Louise was married to Saito Hiraga, and she was therefore known as Louise Françoise le Blanc de Hiraga de Ornielle. She opened the portal on the way to Japan together with her husband, and she was brought to Saito's home. It is unknown on what happened with Louise and Saito at his house, but she is probably introduced to his family and they lived together in their new home.


Familiar Spirit Summoning Exam

Saito and Louise 6

Louise completes the contract by kissing the human

The day before the Familiar Spirit Summoning Exam, Louise confidently told Montmorency, Kirche, and Tabitha that she would not fail in the Exam. On the day of the Exam, Louise was the last sophomore to perform the ritual. She summoned a human from another world and turned out to be unconscious. As the students laughed at a "plebeian" familiar spirit, Louise asked Professor Colbert if she could redo the ritual. She cannot do so as the ritual was very sacred, leaving her no choice to complete the contract. As the human woke up, he was forced to kiss Louise as the contract. After this, runes on his left hand appeared, which read Gandálfr.

Life as a Master

As a master to her familiar spirit, Louise is vain to Saito, treating him like and calling him a dog. Whenever he does something rude or wrong, she whips him or sometimes beats him up with her magic. Though bossy sometimes, Louise cares and dearly loves Saito, being strict on him looking at other girls. For instance, she gave him an absolute rule to look at no other women but to his master only. Oftentimes, when Saito is with other women, Louise easily gets envious and irritated, beating and whipping him. Also, when Louise had had enough of Saito's tactics on looking at other women, she gave him a pair of Medusa Glasses. When Saito looks at other girls, the glasses glow, giving Louise a hint and a reason to beat him up.

Giving Derflinger to Saito

Ep 3

Saito's two swords bought by Louise (right) and Kirche (left)

In order to protect her, Louise bought Saito a cheap sword. While buying him a sword, she did not have much money then, buying him a cheap one. To match Louise's sword, Kirche bought Saito an expensive sword, much to Louise's anger. When they confronted the golem of Fouquet, Saito used Kirche's sword to battle with it, but broke. Leaving him no choice, he used Louise's sword and successfully defeated it. After the incident, it is revealed that the sword Louise bought is Derflinger, the talking sword.

Forced Marriage to Wardes

Ep 11 4

Louise unconscious during her wedding

Louise was forced to marry her fiancé, Jean-Jacques Wardes. She was controlled during her marriage to him at Albion when she was supposed to give a letter to the Prince from Princess Henrietta. With the Prince officiating the wedding, Saito broke into the church to stop the almost-finished ceremony to save Louise. The spell was broken, but the Prince was stabbed to death by Wardes, revealing that his allegiance lies to Reconquista and that his mission is to steal the letter.

Third Annual Enthronement of the Pope

Louise maiden

Louise dressed as a priestess

Louise and Tiffania with Saito were fetched by Julio Chesaré to Romalia to gather all Void users and familiar spirits. In Romalia, the four were welcomed by Queen Henrietta and later by the Pope himself. It is revealed that the other Void user is the Pope and his familiar is Julio who is a Windálfr. Louise and Tiffania with other three women were assigned to be the priestesses of the Pope.

Kidnap by the Gensō Siblings

Louise hostage

Louise as a hostage of King Joseph

After some time in the afternoon after the ceremony, Louise's headdress was retrieved, implying that she had been kidnapped. Henrietta hypothesized that she might have been past Aquileia's border already. After Louise awakes after being paralyzed by Jeanette, she found out that she was kidnapped by the Gensō Siblings ordered by King Joseph de Gallia.

Battle Against the Ancient Dragon

Saito and Louise fight Ancient Dragon

Louise and Saito fighting the Ancient Dragon together

Louise's efforts in fighting the Ancient Dragon were not effective because her familiar spirit was away. When Saito returns to Halkeginia, he was of great help to Louise. Using the power of Gandálfr and Lifdrasir, they were able to partially defeat the Dragon, and was utterly defeated by Louise's Explosion.

Marriage to Saito Hiraga

Saito and Louise house

Louise and Saito arrive on their new home in Japan

After defeating the Ancient Dragon, Saito proposes to Louise in front of the others to marry him, to which Louise agrees. Louise and Saito marry at the Church wherein she was known as Louise Françoise le Blanc de Hiraga de Ornielle. Afterwards, Louise opened the portal (Louise probably performed World Door) all the way to Japan to live in their new home.


Louise 4

Louise wearing her typical school uniform

A sophomore at the academy, Louise looks like a young lass because of her height. She has long curly pink hair and corresponding color for her big eyes. Her uniform includes a long-sleeved blouse underneath a long indigo coat reaching her feet, a black skirt, and a pair of long black stocking-like socks and puts on a pair of black shoes. She is also shown to carry her wand with her all the time.

Plebeian Attire

Saito and Louise 25

Louise wearing a plebeian attire

During their mission ordered by Henrietta, Louise and Saito heads out in a village, wherein Louise dressed as a plebeian. Her outfit consists of a brown cap, a silver, circular-shaped necklace and a brown-colored duster and a pair of sandals.

Charming Fairy Inn Attire

Louise 31

Louise's uniform at the Charming Fairy Inn

When Louise worked at the Charming Fairy Inn, her outfit consisted of a white, ruffled headband, a tight, white necklace-like with a black ribbon on it, a sleeveless, short, white, maid dress-like attire.
Louise 32

Louise's prize after winning the Tip Race

After winning the Tip Race, Louise wore an outfit which consisted of a black ponytail, a black, tight necklace, a tight, black dress with a pair of matching-colored, tight arm warmers. Down to her legs, she wore black, long stockings and black sandals.



Upon summoning Saito, Louise hates it so much, that it came from herself that she wanted a familiar spirit like a griffin or something. Some examples on how Louise expresses her "hate" towards Saito is by beating him up with her magic and by striking him with a whip. However, as the series succeeds, her love for Saito gets deeper and more intense.


As the two were childhood friends, Henrietta and Louise get along well. When Henrietta orders Louise commands, Louise accepts it enthusiastically, without doubts. Louise is also called by her first two names by Henrietta.


Coming from herself, Kirche "cannot lose to a Vallière" like Louise. With this, Louise hated Kirche, and Kirche hated Louise, too. When Louise bought Saito a sword for "protecting" himself from Kirche in the third episode of the first season, Kirche cannot accept it, and also bought Saito a sword. When Louise sees Saito with other women especially Kirche, Louise quickly gets jealous and envious.


  • (Summoning line in the manga) "My name is Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière. Pentagon of the Five Elemental Powers, heed my summoning and bring forth my familiar!"
  • (Summoning line in the anime) "My servant that exists somewhere in this universe! My divine, beautiful, and powerful familiar! I wish and assert from the bottom of my heart, answer my guidance!"
  • (Contract with familiar spirit) "My name is Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière. Pentagon that rules the five powers, bless this individual, and make him my familiar!"
  • (To Saito) "You're my familiar, understand? That means, whatever your master orders you to do, you should nicely obey like a good dog."



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