Louise and Saito have shared some VERY awkward moments.

In episode 8 and 9, monntmorency made a potion of love for Guiche, but furious that Louise saw Saito and Seiesta taking a bath together, she drinks the drink and goes to her dorm. Instantly Saito comes in and Louise starts to feel a little weird and starts falling for Saito.

Look away kiddies. Episode 9, Louise is laying on her bed while Saito comes in to get her laundry, Saito looks at Louise and she insists that he has ... with her. Meanwhile Saito gets out of the room alive and asks Montmorency to change Louise back, Mon-mon says she can't do that and Saito threatens her to bring him to where she can do it or he'll tell on her. Mon_mon, Saito, and Guiche (and Louise of course) ask the water spirit for a part of her body, After, Louise remembers everything that happened and refuses to tell Saito the she loves him.