Louise's Marriage
Ep 11 4
Ruizu no Kekkon
Episode Information
Episode Number: 11
Season: 1
Air Date: September 11, 2006
Episode Chronology
Previous: The Princess' Request
Next: Zero Treasure

Louise's Marriage (ルイズ·の·結婚, Ruizu no Kekkon) is the eleventh episode of the anime series The Familiar of Zero.


Wardes and Louise arrive in Albion and meet with Prince Wales, and Louise delivers the letter. While Saito and Guiche think of a way to get to Albion after being interrupted by Fouquet, Kirche and Tabitha come to help. Later, Wardes proposes to Louise to marry him, she knew that he is part of a rebellion. So, Louise tries to refuse his proposal, but one of Wardes' allies arrives with a ring that can control the mind and forces her to accept. With the Prince as the minister, the wedding is almost finished when Saito comes to save Louise. However, Wardes murders Prince Wales, steals the letter, and reveals that he is a member of Reconquista, a rebel group against the government of Albion. Saito and Louise kiss as they fly home on Sylphid.


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