Below is the list of The Familiar of Zero: Return of the Princess episodes.

Episode Preview No. Title Air Date
S3E1 01 The Familiar's Mark
(使い魔·の·刻印, Tsukaima no Kokuin)
July 6, 2008
S3E2 02 The Elf of the Forest
(森·の·妖精, Mori no Yōsei)
July 13, 2008
S3E3 03 The Return of the Hero
(英雄·の·おかえり, Eiyū no Okaeri)
July 20, 2008
S3E4 04 The Rumored Accepted Student
(噂·の·編入生, Uwasa no Hennyūsei)
July 27, 2008
S3E5 05 The Alluring Women's Bath
(魅惑·の·女子風呂, Miwaku no Joshiburo)
August 3, 2008
S3E6 06 The Taboo Magical Potion
(禁断·の·魔法·一服, Kindan no Mahō Ippuku)
August 10, 2008
S3E7 07 Slepnir Dance Party
(踊る·パーティー·の·スレイプニィル, Odoru Pātī no Sureipunyiru)
August 17, 2008
S3E8 08 The Eastern Pursuit!
(東·の·追求!, Azuma no Tsuikyū!)
August 24, 2008
S3E9 09 Tabitha's Sister
(タバサ·の·妹, Tabasa no Imōto)
August 31, 2008
S3E10 10 Border Mountain Pass
(国境·の·峠, Kokkyō no Tōge)
September 7, 2008
S3E11 11 Captive in Al Hambra
(アーハンブラ·の·虜, Āhanbura no Toriko)
September 14, 2008
S3E12 12 Wings of Freedom
(自由·の·翼, Jiyū no Tsubasa)
September 21, 2008

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