Below is the list of The Familiar of Zero: F episodes.

Episode Preview No. Title Air Date
S4E1 01 Louise of the Holy Land
(聖地·の·ルイーズ, Seichi no Ruīzu)
January 7, 2012
S4E2 02 Aquileia's Shrine Maiden
(アクイレイア·の·巫女, Akuireia no Miko)
January 14, 2012
S4E3 03 The Incompetent King Gone Mad
(無能な·王·が·狂う, Munōna Ō ga Kuruu)
January 21, 2012
Season 4 Ep 4 04 The Queen's Reward
(女王陛下·の·恩賞, Joōheika no Onshō)
January 28, 2012
S4E5 05 The Maidens of De Ornielle
(ド·オルニエール·の·乙女たち, Do Oruniēru no Otome-tachi)
February 4, 2012
S4E6 06 Trouble at the Outdoor Bath
(露天風呂·で·の·トラブル, Rotenburo de no Toraburu)
February 11, 2012
S4E7 07 Elves from the Desert
(砂漠·の·エルフ, Sabaku no Erufu)
February 18, 2012
S4E8 08 Escape Through the Sewer
(下水道·を通って·脱出, Gesuidō o Kayotte Dasshutsu)
February 25, 2012
S4E9 09 Tabitha's Coronation
(タバサ·の·戴冠式, Tabasa no Taikanshiki)
March 3, 2012
S4E10 10 The Awakening of Calamity
(災難·の·目覚め, Sainan no Mezame)
March 10, 2012
S4E11 11 Louise's Choice
(ルイーズ·の·選択, Ruīzu no Sentaku)
March 17, 2012
S4E12 12 The Familiar of Zero
(ゼロ·の·使い魔, Zero no Tsukaima)
March 24, 2012

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