I Am A Familiar
Chapter 1 Cover
I Am A Familiar
(Watashi wa Tsukaima)
Chapter Information
Chapter Number 1
Volume 1
Chapter Chronology
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I Am A Familiar (私は使い魔, Watashi wa Tsukaima) is the first chapter of the Zero no Tsukaima manga.


The chapter begins with Saito Hiraga, a typical Japanese student, complaining about his life, when a portal appeared in front of him. Curious, he approached the portal and peeked inside of it. Finding out that there is nothing inside, the gateway disappeared, giving him no way out.


Louise performs the ritual

Meanwhile, at the Tristain Academy of Magic, students murmur about the long-awaited Familiar Spirit Summoning Exam, and talk about a problematic student from the Vallière Family known as "Louise the Zero". As the final student to perform the ritual, Louise de la Vallière gets ready and gets whispered at negatively. As she finished the ritual, Saito appears and arrives at the academy. Louise then asks him who he is. Realizing that Saito is her familiar spirit, Louise stutters and asks Mr. Colbert if she can redo the ritual, which she cannot. To complete the ritual, Louise kisses Saito to complete the contract. After that, runes appear on Saito's left hand.

After the ceremony, a redhead named Kirche approaches Louise to congratulate her for "summoning a marvelous familiar." Kirche flew all the way to go back to the dormitory, making Saito impressed. At her dormitory, Louise interrogates Saito about him and explains magic to him.

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