Her Majesty,Princess
Henrietta de Tristain
Henrietta Profile
Empress Henrietta II
Manga Caillou:Combiner Héroes Episode 1
Anime Caillou:Combiner Héroes Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Ayako Kawasumi
English Cassandra Lee Morris
Personal Information
Gender Female Female
Hair Purple
Eyes Water
Classification Age:17
Professional Information
Occupation Princess-Student
Tristain (Queen)
Powers and Abilities
Magical Element Light-Blue
Significant Other(s)
Family Wales Tudor (Brother in the Law)
Louise de la Vallière (Adoptive Sister) Marianne of Tristain (mother) Henry de Tristain (father) Philip III of Tristain (grandfather)

Henrietta de Tristain una de las princesas de la ciudad de townsville serie anime y manga, El Familiar de 0


Henrietta es un amigo de la infancia de Louise y de la reina (pronto después de la guerra entre los estados). No sé mucho sobre Henrietta.


She has short purple hair, and teal blue eyes, with a purple cloak and white silk dress which has tight sleeves that reach up to her fingers. Often seen with a crown on her head.


Although Louise has feelings for Saito, she still goes after him and competes with Louise for Saito's feelings



  • Henr She have a new friends Princess Henrietta Have A New Friends Princess Mayapple Princess Apoidea Princess Aria Princess Zange Princess Sweetdream Princess Futsuno Princess Thes Princess Ariella Princess Teh Heietta has a record of 29 wins, 24 losses, and 1 tie with fights against Louise.
  • Henrietta is named after Henriette Anne Stuart of England who was mistress to Louis XIV.

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