Guiche Chevalier de Gramont

Guiche 2

Guiche Chevalier de Gramont
ギーシュ シュヴァリエ ド グラモン
(Gīshu Shuvuariē do Guramon)

Guiche the Bronze
青銅 ギーシュ
(Seidō Gīshu)

Manga Zero no Tsukaima Chapter 1
Anime The Familiar of Zero Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Takahiro Sakurai
Korean Yong Wu Shin
Personal Information
Age 17
Height 175 cm (5'9")
Gender Male Male
Classifications Mage
Favorite Food Soufflé
Tristain Academy of Magic
Ondine Knights
Powers and Abilities
Magical Element Earth
Familiar Spirit Verdante
Rose wand
Significant Other
Montmorency de Montmorency (girlfriend)

Guiche Chevalier de Gramont (ギーシュ·シュヴァリエ·ド·グラモン, Gīshu Shuvuariē do Guramon) is one of the supporting characters of the anime and manga series, The Familiar of Zero.


Guiche came from a noble kin and is Louise de la Vallière's classmate. Despite being enamored with his girlfriend, Montmorency de Montmorency, he cannot decide which girl he loves, since he is a playboy. His familiar spirit is an earth mole named Verdante on which he is fond of showing extreme affection. Guiche became the Captain of the Ondine Knights where he placed Saito Hiraga as his Vice-Captain.

When Julio Chesaré came to the Tristain Academy of Magic, they share the same looks, wherein Julio likely became his "replacement", except that Julio had a nicer personality than his.


Guiche is a young man with blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a white, ruffled-collar blouse underneath a black, long cloak where his collar rests on and his chest is shown and wears a pair of violet pants. He carries an artificial rose which serves as his wand.


Guiche has a very conceited personality, since he has a lot of girls, including Montmorency and Katie. This personality indicates that he is also a pleasure-seeking man. Although, he also has low confidence, which is shown in the Battle of Albion and Tristain, wherein he was situated in a mixed group.

Despite being a Casanova, Guiche is always ready to fight, especially when it comes to protecting Tristain and his friends.

Image GalleryEdit

  • Guiche notices Saito escape from Louise
  • Guiche with Montmorency seeing Katie
  • Guiche with the Valkyrie he summoned during his fight with Saito
  • Guiche defeated by Saito
  • Guiche with his familiar, Verdante
  • Guiche hiding at the back of Saito
  • Guiche's wand


  • Guiche is named after Armand de Gramont, also a known playboy like him, who lived during the 17th century.
  • In the real world, Guiche is a place located in south-western France.


  • (Summoning line) "O Brimir, our grand creator that always guides us. O noble one who will become a servant of Guiche the Brass! Answer my divine summons!"
  • (To Katie) "I never lie to your eyes."
  • (To Kirche) "Oh, what amazing thoughtfulness you have."

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