Fouquet (Miss Longuevuille)
Fouquet 6
Voice Actors
Personal Information
Gender Female Female
Professional Information
Occupation Member of Reconquista
Powers and Abilities
Magical Element Earth
Significant Other(s)

Fouquet is a triangle mage who uses a giant golem made of earth to steal magical valuables. Her acquaintances often refer to her as Fouquet, the Crumbling Dirt. She would turn walls and doors into dirt and steal valuables from noble's homes. She has a childish side implied by leaving messages whenever she completes a robbery. It is revealed that Fouquet and Longuevuille are one and the same. Fouquet is actually Matilda of Sachsen-Gotha. Wardes is revealed as a traitor and an ally to Fouquet, the Crumbling Dirt.


  • As Fouquet, she is likely named after Nicolas Fouquet, a corrupt government official under Cardinal Mazarin and an underage Louis the XIV, who most famously accumulated a large fortune while serving as finance minister until his eventual arrest in 1661.
  • In the light novels, Fouquet was stated as part of high-class Albion nobility.