Duke de la Vallière
Duke of La Valliere
Duke de la Vallière
(Ra Variēru no Kōshaku)
Anime The Familiar of Zero: Knight of the Two Moons Episode 4
Voice Actors
Japanese Jiro Saito
Personal Information
Gender Male Male
Hair Blonde
Eyes Amethyst
Affiliation(s) Tristain
Duchy of La Vallière
Classification(s) Mage
Powers and Abilities
Family Karin de la Vallière (Wife)
Éléonore de la Vallière (Daughter)
Cattleya de la Fontaine (Daughter)
Louise de la Vallière (Daughter)

The Duke of La Vallière (ラヴァリエールの公爵, Ra Variēru no Kōshaku) is the husband of Karin, Duchess of La Vallière. He is the father of Éléonore de la Vallière, Cattleya de la Fontaine, and Louise de la Vallière.

Character HistoryEdit

Little is known about the Duke's past, but he is a powerful mage, though his wife is more powerful than him.

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