Colbert Jean
Anime Louise the Zero
Voice Actors
Japanese Takuma Suzuki
English Kaiji Tang
Personal Information
Gender Male Male
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Powers and Abilities
Magical Element Fire
Magical Level Square
Significant Other(s)

Colbert Jean (コルベール・ジャン, Korubēru Jan) is a professor at the Tristain Academy of Magic. It is later revealed that he was also known as the Flame Snake at one point.


Colbert is a professor at the Tristain Academy of Magic who is interested in history. He has a high interest in science and peace, which are the reasons why he likes to see Saito's world one day. He was responsible for producing the gasoline for the airplane along with a very short lasting improvement for it. It is revealed that he was the captain of the mage troops sent to burn Agnès' village years ago, and also the person who rescued her, when he found out the village was not "plagued."

He has an anti-war attitude, and is envious when he finds out that modern Japan is not ravaged by war.


  • Colbert performs Levitation


  • In the novels, according to Kirche, his real name is "Jan".
  • In the novels, Tabitha did not cast a spell on Colbert. Instead, Kirche tricks Agnès into thinking that he is dead.
  • He is likely named after Jean-Baptiste Colbert, finance minister to Louise XIV from 1665 to 1683.

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