Beatrice von Guldenhorf
Voice Actors
Japanese Ayumi Tsuji
Personal Information
Gender Female Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Professional Information
Powers and Abilities
Significant Other(s)

Beatrice Yvonne von Guldenhorf (ベアトリス・イヴォンヌ・フォン・クルデンホル, Beatorisu Ivōn fon Kurudenhorufu) is one of the supporting characters of the anime and manga series, The Familiar of Zero.


Tristain Academy of Magic
Students Louise de la Vallière · Tabitha · Kirche von Anhalt Zerbst · Guiche de Gramont · Montmorency de Montmorency · Tiffania Westwood · Beatrice von Guldenhorf · Malicorne de Grandple · Katie
Staff Osmond · Miss Longuevuille · Colbert Jean · Mrs Chevreuse · Eléonore de la Vallière · Cattleya de la Fontaine · Agnès de Milan
Maids Siesta
Plebeians Saito Hiraga

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